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The Product Range

We aim to bring to the fore the richness that a finely crafted textile piece can bring to home styling. While manufactured through traditional means, our products are created on the ethos of being rustic but elegant, vibrant but grounded, striking yet subtle and unconventional, yet perfectly befitting any living space. A masterful mélange of premium quality yarns of various materials coupled with unique design, textures and colours are brought together to form a range of product offerings that include table linen such as placemats and runners as well as home furnishing and accessories such as cushion covers, table lamps and wall tapestries. Environment sustainability being paramount to us, our products are 100% handwoven by skilled weavers and artisans thus generating negligible carbon footprint.


Our Commitment to the Grassroot

The inspiration for the brand and its products is deeply rooted to the weaving tradition in the country. With an unrelenting focus and commitment towards highlighting the richness of this age old craft, we strive to aid the holistic growth and development of the weaving community that form a core part of our production and supply chain.  We work closely with different sets of weavers primarily based in Tier-II and III cities and towns of our country for manufacturing all our products.  We aim to expose our weavers and suppliers to contemporary styles and trends in home and table décor products, thus giving an impetus to the weaving community to constantly innovate and align to modern consumer demands in this segment. 
We are also focused on providing the necessary platform to the weavers’ kin and future generations to design and create innovative products that are aligned with the brands’ vision and ethos, thus ensuring financial security and aiding their professional development.

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